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Toenail Fungus


Toenail Fungus - Onychomycosis (on-ick-oh-my-CO-sis)

Toenail fungus is painful, embarrassing and unpleasant; it affects around 35 million people  across the USA. It is  a very common condition, and causes about 50% of all nail diseases. Unlike foot fungus e.g. athletes foot; nail fungus takes much longer to treat and cannot be effectively treated with oral medications. If nail fungus is not adequately treated, it can cause permanent damage to your nails. For patients with diabetes, HIV and those with compromised immune systems,  it can have more serious implications, as the risk of bacterial infection is greater.  


What is Toenail Fungus?  

Nail fungal infections are typically caused by yeast, molds or a fungus (dermatophyte). The toenail fungus occurs more in toenails than fingernails, because toes tend to reside in dark, warm, moist environments that act as a breeding ground for fungi.


The infection resides under the nail bed and often starts out as a yellow or white spot at the tip of the toenail or fingertip spreading to other toes/nails. It can cause the nails to:

  • Thicken

  • Discolor

  • Become Brittle

  • Crumble at the Edges

  • Appear Ragged

  • Look Dull with no Shine

  • Lift or loosen the Nail

  • Change the Shape of the Nail.


  • Using public gyms, showers, pools.

  • Working in warm or humid environments.

  • Unhygienic nail salons - improperly unsanitized pedicure tools.

  • Tight fitting closed toed shoes often worn by athletes  (where the toes can not breathe properly and dry out adequately).

  • Tight fitting hosiery.

  • Having a family history of nail fungal infections.

  • Perspiring heavily.

  • Passed on by family members.

  • Aging (because of decreased blood circulation).

  • If you have Athlete's foot.

  • If you have psoriasis.



  • Topical

  • Orally ingested antifungal drugs

  • Nail removal

  • Laser


Topical treatments such as medicated nail polishes and nail creams can be cumbersome and time consuming, taking  a year of application before results start to appear.

Oral Antifungal drugs are often armed with serious side effects including liver damage and skin rashes, these are not recommended to adults over 65 years or children under 16 years old.   In the most severe cases, a total nail removal may be recommended.


Why Laser Treatment?

The medical industry has agreed that the optimal treatment for nail fungus is lasers. Lasers have been cleared by the FDA and have found to be very effective. Lasers are:

  • Almost Painless (no anesthesia needed)

  • Safe

  • Fast   

  • Effective 

How does the Laser Treatment Work?

Unlike antifungal medications that cannot destroy the fungal cells in the nail plate, our Laser penetrates the hard-to-reach toenail bed, eradicating the fungus, bacteria and viruses underneath. It uses the most pervasive laser beam profile and the ideal wavelength to destroy the fungal cells.  This laser is the most effective combative laser treatment available.


What will I Feel?

Our laser treatments are very safe and comfortable.  Most patients describe the sensation as being warm and tingly. There will be no need of any topical numbing agent or anesthesia.


When Will I see Results?

The underlying nail should grow out fungus free. The nail can take over a year to completely grow out and therefore the result may not be visible immediately.


Same Day In Office Treatment?

Dr Shin will assess your feet and can provide same day treatment in the office.



Varies, please call the office to set up an appointment where Dr Shin can advise you.



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